Ellie Bartlett Memorial

We are deeply saddened by the news of losing a caring, passionate, and devoted member of the OAS family.

Ellie Bartlett was and forever will be an integral part of our community.  Ellie had such wonderful, exuberant energy.  Ellie was full of life and ready to take it by the horns!   Ellie was the instrumental student in heading up University of Oregon volunteers over the past few years.  She worked hard to not only recruit more volunteers for our program and volunteer herself, but was also instrumental in working with the University’s access club to encourage students with disabilities to come out and ski.  We will greatly miss her involvement with OAS and are heartbroken to think of the wonderful soul the world lost last year.


To donate in memory of Ellie, please use the following link, select “donation in memory of someone” and indicate her name in the appropriate fields.  You may also call us at 541-306-4774.


Ellie loved our Junior Racers day and all the costumes, joy and fun that came with it. This year on February 23rd we will be hosting the day in honor of her.



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