Volunteers are the core and heart of Oregon Adaptive Sports.  It takes on average, 1-2 volunteers to assist each instructor depending on the sport.  As a volunteer you will come across exciting challenges, meet some cool people, learn and improve new outdoor skills, contribute to your community and have fun!  Or perhaps you’d like to lend a hand in the office or at one of our many exciting outreach and fundraising events. For more information about volunteering or volunteer roles, please visit our volunteer resources page.


We welcome enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers age 18 and up to join our team.  There are several outdoor volunteer opportunities and some indoor volunteer opportunities that may suit your passion, abilities and recreational interests. Please visit our online calendar  or see below for orientation dates and other training opportunities. RSVP is required. All volunteers are subject to a background screening. 

1. read volunteer resources 2. fill out a volunteer application 3. attend an orientation 4. attend a sport specific training


Button for volunteer resources


Those wishing to volunteer should read the volunteer manual + handbook prior to filling out an application to ensure that volunteering is a good fit for them. We encourage everyone to take a look at the handouts on disability etiquette and people first language, as they are a great resource for anyone.




OAS is not currently accepting any new volunteers. Please check back in April/May for summer volunteer applications.



Did your contact information change? Did it stay the same? Either way we need YOU to fill this out at the start of the winter season if you wish to join us again. If it has been more than 3 years we ask that you do a new volunteer application and training as our processes have changed. This is a way of making sure we have the most updated contact information, are up to speed on your goals for this season and keep our list serves updated! Experienced volunteer training sign ups are available below. 


 Attend an orientation


All new volunteers must attend an orientation. Orientations for summer and winter are equivalent. Orientations are offered at the beginning of every season, and occasionally throughout the season as needed. This orientation gives basic information about OAS as an organization and is for all volunteers.


attend a sport specific training


All volunteers wishing to volunteer on programs are asked to attend a sport specific training. Sport specific trainings are offered at the beginning of every season, and occasionally throughout the season as needed.


No trainings offered currently? Fill out this form and if we get 20 folks we will host a new training opportunity! Link: “I need a makeup training opportunity”





OAS volunteers are the heart and core of our programs. See what volunteering on the hill during the winter with OAS may look like with this below video.

We are excited you are interested in joining our community!