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Rock climbing is a great sport for individuals of all ages and abilities. OAS offers custom adventures in climbing for those looking for a one on one private lesson experience and hosts a monthly Community Climbing Night at the Bend Rock Gym.  OAS climbing programs take place indoors at the Bend Rock Gym or at Smith Rock State Park, the birthplace of sport-climbing and world-renowned destination located right here in Central Oregon.

OAS has adaptations suited to empower individuals with mobility impairments to successfully experience rock climbing as well as techniques and tips for individuals with a wide range of other needs such as people with visual impairments or youth with cognitive disabilities.

Athlete Registration

Rates and Fees

2 and 1/2 hour rock climbing lessons are available at the Bend Rock Gym supported by OAS staff and volunteers. If you have never tried rock climbing we recommend first arranging a sport assessment (always free of charge) to meet with OAS staff at our office to ensure we have the right equipment for you and can set it up appropriately.

$45 – 9:30-Noon or 1:30-4:00pm

Custom guided trips to Smith Rock State Park may be available upon special request and arranged with our partners at Timberline Mountain Guides / Smith Rock Climbing School. Please give plenty of advanced notice to request this.

Adaptive Equipment

Adaptive sports are a unique experience for each individual. The following information is intended to give you a broad understanding of the adaptive disciplines we instruct and some of the equipment that is used in each of them. There are many adaptations and variations within each discipline.

Adaptive Rock Climbing Equipment

climber using adaptive seated harness and pull up bar

Climbing Harnesses

One of the most important parts of adaptive climbing is finding a harness setup that works for the climber. OAS uses standard climbing harnesses and/or other climbing harnesses to give the user the best possible climbing experience.

OAS Fleet Includes:
Misty Easy Seat Harness
Edelrid Flex Pro Harness
Edelrid Chest Harness
Metolius Chest Harness
Petzl Youth Harness
Metolius Waldo Harness

climber using wellman pulley system and pull up bar to climb in rock gym

Mechanical Advantage Pulley System

Based on the technique pioneered by Mark Wellman in Yosemite, this system uses a 3:1 mechanical advantage pulley system to either capture the progress of the climber or to assist the climber up the wall. Climber can choose to use the system on the rock wall or using the pull up bar and seated harness to ascend the rope separate from the wall.