OAS is hiring! 

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OAS is seeking great candidates for a few positions for the upcoming winter season.  If you have outstanding interpersonal skills, a desire to work in the mountains, and to challenge yourself physically and mentally, then read on.

At Oregon Adaptive Sports, we don’t just hire staff.  We hire people.  People who live and breathe our mission.  We hire people who believe in our vision of a day where every person, regardless of ability, has access to the benefits of outdoor recreation.  As a member of the staff team, you will be asked to give it your all and to contribute to making Oregon a leading example of a truly inclusive outdoor community.  Your experience will be tested and skills challenged while truly making the world a better place one day, or one powder turn, at a time.


Currently OAS is hiring for the following positions (click for job description):

Part Time Adaptive Ski/Snowboard Instructor


To Apply:

Email a resume and cover letter to info@oregonadaptivesports.org with the subject “[JOB TITLE] Application” (i.e. Part Time Adaptive Ski/Snowboard Instructor Application).


Application & Selection Process:

All positions will be open until filled.  There is no deadline to apply, we anticipate interviews commencing November.  If these postings are still up you can still apply!  Once you apply, OAS will confirm receipt of your application via email.  Further follow up will occur as we progress through the hiring process.  Interviews will not start prior to the November.