Special Discounts for Winter 2021/22

Special discounts are automatically applied and do not require a scholarship application.


  • First THREE (3) lessons on OAS, at no cost to the athlete.


  • All snowshoe and nordic experiences are free of cost.

Scholarship Program

OAS strives to ensure that cost is not a barrier to participation. Scholarship applicants will be notified by email outlining the scholarship amount and use requirements. If approved, scholarships typically cover between 25% to 75% of cost. It will be the applicant’s responsibility to make up the additional payment in order to participate in the requested session(s). Cancellation fees do apply.

Scholarships are reviewed on the 15th of each month and awarded on the 1st, please submit your scholarships by the 15th of the month prior to your desired lesson.

  • Please register for lessons even if your scholarship has not been confirmed so that your spot is reserved.
  • All scholarships are subject to available funds and must be used in the season in which they are awarded. 

Apply Here!

For more information about the scholarship program, please refer to our Scholarship Guideline Packet. For further details, please contact info@oregonadaptivesports.org.