Volunteers are the heart of Oregon Adaptive Sports. We welcome enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers age 18 and up to join our team in programming, administrative, and development capacities. To learn more about volunteer roles and how to get involved this winter, see steps on how to volunteer and role descriptions below.

COVID 19 and Volunteering

The health and safety of OAS athletes, volunteers, and staff are our top priority. This winter season, OAS requires that all volunteers are fully vaccinated before attending an in-person training and scheduled to assist on a lesson. Please be sure to read through and become familiar with OAS’ COVID 19 Operations Plan for the 21/22 winter program season.

OAS COVID 19 Operations Plan – 21/22 Winter Programming

Volunteer for the 2021/22 Winter Season!

New Volunteers

Step 1: Read volunteer resources

Please read the volunteer manual prior to creating a volunteer account to ensure that volunteering with OAS is a good fit for you this season. We also encourage everyone to take a look at the handouts on disability etiquette and people’s first language, as they are a great resource for anyone. 

OAS Volunteer Manual

Disability Etiquette

People First Language

Step 2:  Attend an Intro to OAS – New Volunteer Orientation

All Mt Bachelor Orientations are complete for the 2022 season. There is still availability for our Hoodoo programs!

All new volunteers must attend a 60 minute virtual or 90 minute in- person Intro to OAS – New Volunteer Orientation to learn about who we are, who we serve, and what we do. Orientations for summer and winter are equivalent. Orientations are offered at the beginning of every season, and occasionally throughout the season as needed. For future orientation dates, please visit our Events Page!

Step 3:  Create an Account

Now that you know a little more about OAS and are feeling the #OASstoke, please fill out an account to be entered in our database.

Create a New Volunteer Account

Step 4:  Attend an Intro to Assist training (if you wish to volunteer on programs)

All Mt Bachelor Trainings are complete for the 2022 season. There is still availability for our Hoodoo programs!

All individuals wishing to volunteer on programs are required to attend an on – snow, New Volunteer, Intro to Assist Training. This training goes over the fundamentals of how to assist on an OAS programs. Sign up now on our Events Page.

Return Volunteers

Step 1: Create account or update account

If you are a return volunteer and haven’t created an account in our new system (launched May 2019), then please create an account. If you already have an account, please login and fill out a seasonal update form. 

Step 2: Attend an On-Snow Volunteer Training for the 2022 Winter Season!

All Mt Bachelor Trainings are complete for the 2022 season. There is still availability for our Hoodoo programs!

To stay current on what’s new with OAS,  all return volunteers are required to attend at least one pre-season volunteer training. Return Volunteers can choose to attend any and all of the volunteer training available based on which personal skills they’d like to develop this season!

Select a Hoodoo Volunteer Training on the Events Page!  Sign up now to plan for your season!

Winter Volunteer Role Descriptions

On Snow Program Volunteer roles

OAS asks that all of our on snow Volunteers are strong intermediate alpine skiers,  snowboarders, and/or nordic skiers. OAS prefers our program volunteers commit to a minimum of 8 on snow days each season. 

Ski and Ride Essential Eligibility Criteria: 

OAS asks that all of our On-Snow Volunteer Assistants are strong intermediate skiers and riders, and are able to perform basic utilities while sliding on snow. 

We have defined these as performing the following: 

Alpine Skiing: 

  • Ski in a sustained wedge with speed control moving straight down an easy blue run for 100 yards, while holding a crate or hula hoop in both hands. 
  • Ski, in a wedge, backwards while holding an object with two hands, at a consistent slow speed on a hard green or easy blue run.  
  • Ski short skidded turns on a hard blue pitch for 50 yards.  These may also be pivot slips.  


  • Ride on heel side with speed control moving straight down an easy blue run for 100 yards, while holding a crate or hula hoop, in both hands. 
  • Ride switch at a consistent slow speed on easy blue terrain, while carrying an object with two hands. 
  • Ride short skidded turns on hard blue terrain for 50 yards. 

Do you move on-snow a way that isn’t listed here?  We offer adjusted criteria for any discipline.  

Volunteer Assistant 

Volunteer Assistants are the primary role for our volunteers in the winter.  

Volunteer assistants work closely with an OAS instructor to handle equipment, aid the athlete, and participate in the activity. Assistants follow the lead of an instructor to best support the student athlete. Assisting on a lesson may include helping lift and load a sit ski, carry equipment, ski or ride behind the instructor and athlete to help create space and visibility on the mountain, retrieve assistive devices from the OAS room, be a physical target down the run for someone to ski to, and more.  What our assistants are asked not to do, is provide instruction.  

OAS encourages new on-snow volunteers to begin as a volunteer assistant. If you have prior instruction or guide experience, please let us know and we will help direct you to a role that meets both OAS’ and your needs. 

Volunteer Mountain Guide and VI Guide

Mountain Guides serve the role of a ski or ride companion for athletes who are mostly independent and are seeking assistance on navigating the resort, getting up from a fall, or fulfilling a specific need to be as independent as possible on the mountain. Mountain guides do not provide instruction or feedback on skiing or riding, nor are they asked to guide people who are not typically independent in other environments.  

Volunteer Mountain Guides have typically assisted on a private lesson with an instructor, and are familiar with OAS protocols and procedures. Our Mountain Guide service also includes guiding for Visually Impaired athletes. 

Volunteer Coach

Volunteer Coaches provide basic on-snow ski or board instruction for student athletes attending an OAS group or school program. OAS’s winter coach opportunities include our Nordic Community Days and Ski for Life Program. Ski for Life is OAS’s learn to ski program for local Life Skills Classrooms. Coaches have access to an OAS Instructor while on snow as a resource. 

Volunteer Coaches receive training and support to provide basic instruction and help encourage athletes during their on-snow session. Coaches have previously assisted on private lessons with an instructor and are familiar with OAS protocols and procedures. 

Volunteer Instructor

Volunteer Instructors assume full responsibility for an OAS lesson, including, but not limited to; instruction, fitting, and experience. The Instructor’s role is to teach a lesson while facilitating independence. These are volunteers with significant experience and training, including pursuit of certification and ongoing education. 

Administrative, Maintenance and Fundraising Volunteers

OAS is currently seeking the following “Off – Hill” Volunteers:

Winter Equipment Volunteer 

We are searching for reliable and trustworthy volunteers to join our Oregon Adaptive Sports (OAS) Equipment Program. The volunteer’s responsibilities include completing tasks assigned by the supervisor, upholding the organization’s values, and maintaining a high degree of professionalism with all stakeholders.  You should arrive on time, follow instructions, and improve the overall equipment to support operations of the OAS.

To be successful as a volunteer, you should demonstrate active listening and problem-solving skills. Outstanding volunteers should be diligent, meticulous, and take pride in their work. It is important that the equipment be maintained at the highest standard and properly fit to each athlete to maximize the experience and safety for both athlete and instructors.

Volunteer Requirements

    • Completion of OAS Orientation training.
    • A willingness to learn and work as part of a team.
    • A high degree of professionalism and the ability to follow instructions.
    • Respect and diligence.
    • Good time management and reliable transport.
    • A personable manner.

If interested, please reach out to jared@oregonadaptivesports.org!

Additional Volunteer Resources:

It is the volunteer’s responsibility to read, understand, and adhere to the following documents. Please make yourself familiar with the following documents before assisting on any programs or lessons.

OAS COVID 19 Operations Plan – 21/22 Winter Programming

Volunteer Manual

Disability Etiquette Pamphlet

People First Language

If you have any questions, please email OAS staff at info@oregonadaptivesports.org or call (541) 848-9390.

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