Volunteers are the heart of Oregon Adaptive Sports. We welcome enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers age 18 and up to join our team in programming, administrative and development capacities. All volunteers are subject to a background screening. There is no minimum time commitment to volunteer aside from initial training.

OAS is excited to invite new and returning volunteers to programming for the 2021/22 Winter season! See below for more details!

Volunteer Role Descriptions

Program Volunteer roles

Volunteer Assist

Volunteer assistants work closely with an OAS instructor to handle equipment, aid the participant and join in on the activity. Assistants will follow the lead of an instructor to best support the student. Occasionally, assistants work independently as a “buddy” to more experienced participants in the designated activity.

Volunteer Instructor

Instructors are trained to assume full responsibility for an OAS athlete, working closely with them to provide guidance towards their skill development potentially with the support of volunteer assistants. The Instructor’s role is to teach a lesson while facilitating independence. These are volunteers with significant experience and training.

Administrative, Fundraising, and Marketing Volunteers

OAS is seeking volunteers to help with a few administrative, marketing, and fundraising opportunities!  Read on for more information and if you have any interest or questions about these roles please contact Pat at pat@oregonadaptivesports.org.


OAS is seeking assistance with the regular processing of donations, acknowledgement letters, and database administration.  This role includes data entry and some comfort/experience with a donor database or CRM software.  Ideally, OAS is looking for someone to assist in person in the OAS office in Bend for a couple hours each week or every other week, contact Pat for more information!


OAS is currently seeking a few volunteers to assist with the First Chair silent/online auction.  You will be assisting with procuring and cataloging auction items.  Commitment includes a monthly one hour meeting and self-directed efforts soliciting businesses for donations.  This committee will function from May-late September.  Contact Pat for more information!


Do you have a knack for social media, writing blog posts and press releases, and/or sports photography?  OAS has ongoing needs in all of these areas and can use your help!  Commitment and responsibilities vary, contact Pat for more information!

WINTER Volunteering 2021/2022

OAS is excited to invite new and returning volunteers to programming for the 2021 Winter season! Volunteer orientation and training dates will be posted soon for the winter season. In the meantime, find more information about volunteering this season below: 

Return Volunteers

  1. Create account or update account

If you are a return volunteer and haven’t created an account in our new system (launched May 2019), then please create an account. If you already have an account, please login and fill out a seasonal update form to let us know you are interested in volunteering this season. This form is available Oct 1 for winter and April 1 for summer.

  1. Attend a return volunteer training

In order to stay current on what’s new with OAS, we ask that all return volunteers attend a return volunteer training held in May for Summer Programs or December for Winter Programs. You can choose to attend any of the return volunteer training available based on which personal skills you’d like to develop this season! When available, these trainings will be posted on the Events Page

New Volunteers

  1. Read volunteer resources

Please read the volunteer manual prior to to creating a volunteer account to ensure that volunteering with OAS is a good fit for you. We also encourage everyone to take a look at the handouts on disability etiquette and people’s first language, as they are a great resource for anyone.

  1. Fill out a volunteer interest form

New to volunteering with Oregon Adaptive Sports? Fill out an interest form to let us know you’re interested! We’ll be sure to send you orientation information when it is added to our calendar. 

  1. Attend an Intro to OAS Orientation

All new volunteers must attend a 60 minute virtual or in person Intro to OAS Orientation to learn about who we are, who we serve, and what we do. Orientations for summer and winter are equivalent. Orientations are offered at the beginning of every season, and occasionally throughout the season as needed. For future orientation dates, please visit our Events Page!

  1. Create an Account

Now that you know a little more about OAS and are feeling the #OASstoke, please fill out an account to be entered in our database.

  1. Attend a program assist training (if you wish to volunteer on programs)

All individuals wishing to volunteer on programs are required to attend a winter or summer specific New Volunteer Program Assist Training. This training goes over the fundamentals of how to assist on an OAS program. Find available training on our EVENTS page.

If you’ve missed the orientations and training for the current season, please be sure to complete a Volunteer Interest Form to stay in touch and receive information about next season’s orientation dates and training opportunities. 


Additional Volunteer Resources:

It is the volunteer’s responsibility to read, understand, and adhere to the following documents. Please make yourself familiar with the following documents before assisting on any programs or lessons.

Volunteer Manual

OAS COVID Summer Operations Plan

Disability Etiquette Pamphlet

If you have any questions, please email OAS staff at info@oregonadaptivesports.org or call (541) 848-9390.

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