Volunteer with Oregon Adaptive Sports

Volunteers are the heart and core of Oregon Adaptive Sports. We welcome enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers age 18 and up to join our team. There is no minimum time commitment to volunteer aside from initial orientation and training and we are seeking volunteers for programming as well as administrative roles. All volunteers are may be subject to a background screening.


OAS is gearing up for the 2023 Winter Season and welcomes both new and returning volunteers to join the winter program team! OAS offers adaptive alpine winter programs at three mountain resorts: Mt Bachelor, Hoodoo, and Mt. Ashland. Winter volunteer registration is now open through December.

Winter program volunteers are confident intermediate plus alpine skiers, snowboarders, and/or nordic skiers that provide support for private alpine lessons and community nordic sessions.

Not a skier? Not a problem. It takes a village. We have “off hill” volunteer opportunities too! If you are interested in volunteering in an outreach or administrative role, please complete steps 1-3, and email info@oregonadaptivesports.org for more information.


All new OAS volunteers are required to attend a New Volunteer Orientation, create a volunteer account, and complete an on-snow training before assisting on any programs. Please follow the steps below if you wish to volunteer on programs this winter season!

STEP 1: Attend an Intro to OAS: New Volunteer Orientation

All new volunteers must attend a New Volunteer Orientation to learn more about who we are, who we serve, and what we do. Orientations are offered in person and online before winter programs begin. To register, follow the link below for your home mountain or visit our events page for a calendar view:

New Volunteer Onboarding for all winter programs is now closed

STEP 2: Review OAS Volunteer Manual 

To ensure that volunteering with OAS is a good fit for you, please review the OAS Volunteer Manual for general policies, guidelines, and disability etiquette.

STEP 3: Create an Account!

Now that you know a little more about OAS and are feeling the #OASstoke, please complete the following form to create your OAS Volunteer Account! This information will help OAS staff  manage your contact information and involvement. 

Create A New Volunteer Account!

STEP 4: Attend an On-Snow Training (if you wish to volunteer on winter programs)

All new winter volunteers wishing to assist on programs are required to attend an on-snow, New Volunteer Skills Check & Intro to Assist training at their home mountain (Mt Bachelor, Hoodoo, or Mt Ashland). This training will cover the fundamentals of how to assist on an OAS winter lesson. Once completed, new volunteers are also welcome to attend any of the OAS Academy courses to enhance their volunteer scope. 

To register, follow the link below for your home mountain or visit our events page for a calendar view:

Mt Ashland | January 14th | New Volunteer Skills Check & Intro to Assist



STEP 1: Update Account

Please login to your volunteer account and complete the Update Form for the 22/23 winter season. 

Login to Update Your Account HERE

STEP 2: Attend an OAS Academy Course Training

All returning winter volunteers are required to attend at least one pre-season, on-snow training and can choose from any of the listed OAS Academy Courses listed below. Volunteers who attend training will be added to the “winter volunteer email list”, and receive weekly communications to sign up for volunteer opportunities throughout the program season. If you do not attend training, you will not be added to the volunteer email list. 

If you are not able to attend pre-season training, please email OAS staff at info@oregonadaptivesports.org for make-up training options. We look forward to seeing you out there this winter!


We encourage all new and returning volunteers to attend as many courses as they wish, based on skills they’d like to refresh or develop this season. Please select a training course at your home mountain (Mt Bachelor, Hoodoo, or Mt Ashland). Follow the links below to register or visit the events page for a calendar view. 


Mt Bachelor | Dec. 11th – 15th – COMPLETE

Hoodoo | Jan. 6th & 8th – COMPLETE

Mt Ashland On Snow | January 14th | Open


Mt Ashland | Jan. 14th

New Volunteer Skills Check & Intro to Assist

Intro to Sit Ski

Volunteer Role Descriptions

Program Volunteer roles

Volunteer Assist

Volunteer assistants work closely with an OAS instructor to handle equipment, aid the participant, and join in on the activity. Assistants will follow the lead of an instructor to best support the adaptive athlete. 

Volunteer Coach

Volunteer Coaches provide basic instruction for student athletes attending an OAS Ski for Life school or group programs. Coaches may work independently with participants in the designated activity. Coaches will have access to an OAS Instructor while on programs as a resource. 

Volunteer Coaches have completed one or more Ski for Life trainings so they can provide basic instruction and help encourage athletes during their session. Coaches have previously assisted on private lessons with an instructor and are familiar with OAS protocols and procedures. 

Volunteer Instructor

Instructors are trained to assume full responsibility for an OAS athlete, working closely with them to provide guidance towards their skill development potentially with the support of volunteer assistants. The Instructor’s role is to teach a lesson while facilitating independence. These are volunteers with significant experience and training.

Outreach Volunteers

OAS is seeking volunteers to help with outreach events! Outreach volunteers work on the OAS Volunteer Outreach Team to represent OAS and help staff an information booth at community events. Responsibilities include:

  1. knowledge of OAS (general, specific to programming, pricing, scholarships, etc.  We can catch you up on all of these details!)
  2. Picking up and dropping off the OAS outreach kit from OAS World HQ
  3. Setting up table, tent, banners, etc, as needed for event
  4. Being an amazing ambassador of OAS!

Development Volunteers

The Development Volunteer is a standing role to help support the organization’s key campaigns from special events ranging from First Chair Gala, Ski for All, mailings and community fundraising events such as Brewery Charity Events and more. Through teamwork and cultivation of relationships with local community members, we expand OAS’ reach and raise critical support. Fundraising campaigns are led by Development Director, Executive Director and members of the board along with support from Development Volunteers. To inquire about opportunities, please email cara@oregonadaptivesports.org.

Additional Volunteer Resources:

It is the volunteer’s responsibility to read, understand, and adhere to the following documents. Please make yourself familiar with the following documents before assisting on any programs or lessons.

Volunteer Manual

Disability Etiquette Pamphlet

If you have any questions, please email OAS staff at info@oregonadaptivesports.org or call (541) 848-9390.

Events Calendar