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OAS offers community cycling programs, support for cycling events, and private sessions for a wide range of people with disabilities in a throughout Central Oregon. Our staff and volunteers are trained to work with specialized cycling equipment and can support rides with varying degrees of duration or challenge. OAS also has trained tandem captains for riders with visual impairments.

Come join OAS for our community cycling program at Pine Nursery Park every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning from June through the end of August. To view the cycling schedule and register in advance, visit our Events Page.

Interested in a private/group session or custom adventure in the Bend area? Contact OAS staff at or call (541) 848 – 9390 to inquire. Custom privates and group sessions are based on staff availability. Please contact 2 – 4 weeks in advance to schedule. 

Athlete Registration

Rates and Fees

Thanks to the generous support of the OAS community, all summer programs are free of charge.

Adaptive Equipment

Adaptive sports are a unique experience for each individual. The following information is intended to give you a broad understanding of the adaptive disciplines we instruct and some of the equipment that is used in each of them. There are many adaptations and variations within each discipline.

Adaptive Cycling Equipment

youth on hand cycle

On-Road Handcycle

Handcycles work well for those athletes with limited leg strength or mobility. The pedals usually operated by the legs/feet are designed so that they be operated by the hands/arms instead. These bikes are usually configured in a recumbent or sitting position.

OAS On Road Fleet Includes:
Freedom Ryder FRH-1
Top End Force 2
Top End Excelerator
Top End Excelerator XLT
Kids – Quickie

woman on recumbent trike riding outdoors

Recumbent Trike

For those who have strength or balance challenges, these three wheeled bikes offer a more stable platform to enjoy cycling than an upright two-wheeled bike. These bicycles are foot powered, easier on the back and can be adapted to fit a wide range of abilities. OAS has mostly on road variations as well as one off road fat trike, youth models and one with e-assist.

OAS Fleet Includes:
Cat Trike Expedition
Terra Trike Rover with E-Assist
Sun Trike
Ice Full Fat Trike

cyclist on tandem bike in race

Tandem Bike

A tandem cycle is a cycle built for two individuals where the “captain” pilots the tandem bicycle, typically managing the steering and brakes. The “stoker” assists with pedaling. Tandem bikes are a good option for people with visual impairments or disabilities affecting balance.

OAS Fleet Includes:
Trek T900
Santana Sovereign
Hase Pino (recumbent in front)
Burley Tandem

youth on recumbent tricycle

Youth Bikes

Youth benefit from the joys of riding a bike too! OAS has equipment to accommodate the needs of a range of younger individuals or they can work on using their own bike with the help of adapted instruction.

OAS Fleet Includes:
Mobo Recumbent Trike
Wahoo Recumbent Trailer Bike
Haro Kids Bike w/ Assist Bar
Giant Half Wheeler Trailer Bike
Quickie Youth Handcycle
Wildcat Kids Off Road Handcycle