OAS Snow Series, presenting the how, what and why of Oregon Adaptive Sports.

Access to mountains, lakes, and trails. Access to fresh air and excercise. Access to awe.  At Oregon Adaptive Sports, we envision a day when everyone has access to the benefits of outdoor recreation, regardless of ability.

One of the pillars of a successful adaptive sports program are the people facilitating its efforts. Hear from Oregon Adaptive Sports’ skilled staff on why they bring their talent and passion for the outdoors to our participants and give so much to our community.

Moving in the mountains is a powerful thing, and with snow as an unifying and equalizing medium, we at OAS aim reach a place beyond labels and barriers. For us, these cold and beautiful places are where we come together to celebrate the freedom, community, and health that allow us to live a happy and thriving life.  Enjoy our “Snow Series” explaining, the how, what, and why of Oregon Adaptive Sports.

Thank you to Bradley Lanphear and Michael Belardi for their amazing talent in creating this piece!