Athlete Spotlight: Kade Wicklow

Written by: Dave Nichols


Four years ago we moved into a new one-level house across town in SW Portland. Since the move, neighbors have been mistaking me for one of our neighbors, Kade Wicklow, who is 18 years old.   We both walk the neighborhood regularly and use the same style Drive Nitro 4-wheeled walker.  Mine is red and his is black!

At first, I did not appreciate being mistaken for someone in high school and more than a decade younger than me. But this summer we became walking partners, and I learned that we are both working to walk independently. He is pushing me to walk faster …

I also discovered that Kade is a fellow athlete with Oregon Adaptive Sports (OAS). I’m grateful that he sat down with me for an interview and shared his experiences.

Kade in an inflatable boat on a lake


Interview References DN: Dave Nichols KW: Kade Wicklow

DN: Can you tell us a little about yourself?
KW: I love to garden. I have roses out back that I take care of. I also love running and track and field. And I enjoy volunteering. I was born with Cerebral Palsy and like you I sometimes use a Walker.

DN: What types of things do you like to do?
KW: I love teaching other kids!

DN: I understand that you are also an OAS Athlete?
KW: Yes! I think OAS is a very cool organization, and I would LOVE to be a part of the blog.

DN: What kind of activities?
KW: My favorite thing to do with OAS is biking. I’ve ridden on the trails in Sunriver. I haven’t done mountain biking. But that sounds fun and I would like to try that in the future.

DN: Has your biking improved? How can you tell?
KW: Well, my first ride with OAS was before my hip surgery and I was in a lot of pain. I went again last summer in Sunriver. That was better and I think that biking with OAS has increased my walking speed too.

Kade in an adaptive bike sitting with a support member in the attached part of the bike to assist in steering and pedaling. they're on pavement

DN: What makes OAS special?
KW: I LOVE OAS!!! OAS is special to me because they helped me get walking faster and longer.

DN: Does the OAS encourage safety?
KW: When I first started with OAS, it was in the middle of many surgeries, so I didn’t pedal. Yes, OAS does encourage safety. I feel very safe on a bike with OAS!

DN: Have you been able to make friends at activities with OAS?
KW: I feel like I have made friends with the volunteers at OAS! Especially Leah.

DN: Do you ski with OAS?
KW: I haven’t skied with OAS. But I want to try. I really like the snow.

DN: Do you look forward to doing things with the OAS?
KW: I feel like OAS has been so positive! I’d give them a 10 out of 10! I definitely look forward to doing things with them again!!!

DN: Will you continue to do things with OAS?
KW: Yes!

DN: What do you wish they would do differently?
KW: I like the setup. Just wish they offered some activities in the Portland area. I also wish that they would ask me how I’m feeling. That’s it!

Kade in his wheelchair playing basketball