Bend Bike Scavenger Hunt #2 – NE Bend

Follow these clues for urban exploration and adventure!

By Kellie Standish
OAS Staff

I love any excuse to get on a bike and over the years my love for bicycles continues to grow and evolve. One of my favorite and most consistent joys has been bike commuting and urban exploring. I love treating every journey as an adventure – finding a new trail, new road, new way to get to where I need to be. It makes every day feel like an adventure, and as someone who ends up being very busy building adventure into everyday tasks is critical. Now especially, as we are being asked to stay closer to home, it is the perfect excuse to explore the roads and trails around you and find your favorite way to get from place to place.

My biggest barriers or challenges were figuring out the right setup and the right routes. These days, I am often towing my dog in her trailer so being on less busy side roads is something I prefer. This scavenger hunt is designed to get you exploring different Bend neighborhoods and finding spaces that make you feel comfortable moving around on a bike in an urban environment.

Scavenger Hunt Logistics

Stay tuned in the weeks to come for parts 3 – 6 which explore other parts of town and end with an urban off road adventure. 

  1. Clues are in order but may be followed in any order desired
  2. Scavenger hunt is most fun if you use it as an excuse to plan routes from place to place or try and see new things, tips are below for planning the best routes
  3. If you would like to skip the clues, scroll to the bottom for the answers
  4. Each week will build on the mileage and adventure of the last
  5. All routes except week six will be oriented for road bikes/ hybrids/ cruiser bikes
  6. Please practice wearing a helmet using proper hand signals and following Oregon Bike Laws while pursuing this adventure. (New in 2019 law: Oregon’s stop as yield law)


  1. Trial and error is part of it, so don’t be afraid to try!
  2. Ask other people you know who bike commute.
  3. Look at streets that run parallel to the main roads by you.
  4. Look at Google Earth for gravel roads or connectors.
  5. Read about neighborhood greenways (there are extra right now during COVID!)
  6. When you drive around town take note of busier roads that have clear bike lanes like Portland or Butler Market.
  7. Check out Bend specific bike resources from Commute Options.

Week 2 – Clues

This week’s route is approximately 6.8 miles – measured from the starting location to all the other locations and back to the first location. All locations are in the NE region.

These are modeled after NPR’s listener limerick challenge. Lines 1, 2  5 rhyme as well as lines 3 + 4.
Example: “Down in pyramid lanes, balls would roll. Old Egyptians had great wrist control. Did they know about pins or how to count wins? We just know that they loved to?” Answer: Bowl

Printable Clue Sheet

  1. What once began as an old homestead
    now converted to a dog park instead
    it boasts a barn that it rents
    for parties and events
    this park is named ____________.
  2. This trail winds through pines + juniper
    To where it stops, there the cars are a blur
    The butte is right there
    The park is to share
    Here lies the start of a trail named ____________.
  3. Sitting against a hill, the green appears stark
    Next to the brown of the dirt, trees and the bark
    The play space abounds
    The luscious green grounds
    Make sure to swing by ______________. (hint: 3 words)
  4. This space is a park that is filled with sports
    A multisport complex of sorts
    The frisbees are flying
    Volleyball courts satisfying
    Bike down past the the _____________.
  5. (Optional extra 2 miles) 
  6. Along the manmade banks water flows
    Throughout NE Bend + east it goes
    Through the playground kids run
    Rockchucks lay on the banks in the sun
    This favorite pit stop park is __________.

four OAS athletes on bikes at pine nursery park

bike against tree next to larkspur trailWeek 2 – Answers

  1. Hollinshead Park
  2. Larkspur Trail Start (Neff Rd Side)
  3. Al Moody Park
  4. Pine Nursery Pickleball Courts
  5. Rockridge Park
  6. Canal Row Park

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Scavenger Hunt Series

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Disclaimer: The scavenger hunt is made available for recreational purposes, please USE THIS INFORMATION AT YOUR OWN RISK. Oregon Adaptive Sports is not liable for injury or actions resulting from virtual information. You are responsible for your own safety.