DIY Pole Pedal Paddle Challenge

Join us Saturday, May 16th 2020.

by Kellie Standish
OAS Staff

group after PPP race

Sadly, this year’s PPP is cancelled, but we still want to remotely bring the community together to celebrate outdoor recreation with people of all abilities! Join us for the first ever (+ hopefully last) DIY At Home PPP Challenge, where you come up with your own version of the PPP and “compete” with your current quaran-teammates.

At the bottom is a printable version of this info, complete with a worksheet for you to fill out! (If you use a screen reader, simply use this page/post as the PDF is not accessible)

What: The PPP is a six leg multisport race where individuals, pairs or a team complete any/all legs to complete the race. You will pick six “legs” to do at home. You may only use stuff you already have at home and only compete with folks you live with OR virtually with others. Costumes encouraged.

When: Anytime on Saturday, May 16th – please pick times where you are able to avoid running into other people.

Where: At home, YOUR home. Indoors or outdoors, whatever is safest for you. If you are feeling ill, stay inside, rest + root for your friends!

Why: FOR FUN, to connect and celebrate recreation, facetime your friends/family before/during/after. Donations to OAS/MBSEF encouraged.

How: Most creative entry wins. To enter, post a video on social media and tag OAS + MBSEF on instagram or facebook or email to

Prize: Winner must be located in Central Oregon – OAS will deliver a Hydroflask backpack filled with local business prizes.

You MUST maintain social distancing at all times and adhere to all local rules and restrictions. OAS/MBSEF are not responsible for any injuries sustained during this activity.


oas athlete in deaf skier bib snowboarding down hill

Leg #1: Downhill ski or snowboard.

This leg starts with athletes at the top of Leeway running uphill 200 feet, finding their skis/boards, clicking in and racing downhill through gates on a beginner/intermediate run.

At Home Ideas: Replicate the feeling of skiing, be goofy, find something to use as gates, do ski jumps or one-legged ski jumps, use your wheelchair and arms as imaginary outriggers to go through a cones gates course.


oas athlete anna pushing uphill in nordic sit ski at ppp

Leg #2: Nordic Ski

The Cross Country leg is an 8 km skate ski through the Mt. Bachelor Nordic trails.

At Home Ideas: Try and replicate the motion of skate skiing with poles while in town or form a pair / virtual pair or team / virtual team with someone that has equipment to do so. 



athlete yvonne on recumbent cycle starting bike leg of pppLeg #3: Bike

The bike leg is a 22 mile road ride that starts at Mt. Bachelor and ends in town. Most of the ride is downhill.

At Home Ideas: find a new route from your house you’ve never done before, pick a distance that’s appropriate for you.




athlete sharlene and VI guide sue running at the PPP

Leg #4: Run

The run leg is a 5 mile trail run along the Deschutes River Trail.

At Home Ideas: Walk/run/jog/trot/off-road handcycle a distance that is doable but challenging for you, try coming up with another new loop from your home.



athlete darwin and VI guide paddling down river in PPP

Leg #5: Paddle

The paddle on the Deschutes river goes upstream for .5 mile, downstream for .75 mile then back upstream .25.

At Home Ideas: This is going to be a fun one to GET CREATIVE with! Grab a paddle and sit in that kiddie pool and paddle like your life depends on it, or…. have someone splash water on your face while you paddle in the pile of ponderosa needles in your yard… or is there something else you can do to replicate the feeling of paddling with other household items/toys?


OAS athlete ditches her walker with her mom to finish the sprint finish at the ppp

Leg #6: Sprint

The race ends with a 1 mile sprint finish.

At Home Ideas: Make sure to end this one super dramatically with your quaran-teammates waiting to cheer you on and play this song or this song as you finish. End with your favorite beverage of choice from a local business!




Community Support:

Each year, the PPP – run by Mount Bachelor Sports Education Foundation – brings together 1,000s of athletes to recreate. Oregon Adaptive Sports supports over 50+ adaptive athletes on 10 teams for the event each year. If you, are able please consider making a donation to support their efforts.

Oregon Adaptive Sports
Oregon Adaptive Sports provides life-changing outdoor recreation experiences to individuals with disabilities. Participants gain confidence, build self-esteem and strive for independence leading to an enhanced quality of life.


Mount Bachelor Sports Education Foundation
The Mt. Bachelor Sports Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization that creates opportunities through competitive snow sports programs to support athletes in achieving their individual athletic, academic, and personal goals.