Mindfulness Monday: Square Breath

Start your week off right by strengthening your inner landscape.

by Kadee Mardula
OAS Staff

Our mind and body work together seamlessly, usually, to achieve our goals in outdoor recreation. Kadee walks through accessible practices to strengthen the mind-body connection and to generate more awareness within yourself. Use this forced time of looking inward to expand your horizons when we can move around outside again. There will be videos for different experiments around breath, movement and meditation added throughout the coming weeks. 

Video Description: Introduction to strengthening your inner landscape resources from OAS. 

Practice 1: Square Breath

Video Description: Guided breath practice with Kadee, followed with a description of the anatomical workings of how the breath affects our mind and body. 

Schematic of the square breath with arrows along each side of the square. Breathe in for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts, breathe out for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts and repeat.


A comfortable place to sit or stand

Tips for Success

  • Blow your nose before your start
  • Try out what works best for you. Use this as a guideline, something that works for you is best thing you can do
  • Start small, try doing a smaller square with 2 counts of breath, or counting to 4 quickly then slow down your counting as you feel more comfortable and increase your lung capacity. 

Resources for further exploration

How the Lungs Work from the National Institutes of Health


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