OAS Athlete: Sloan | 6 Seasons on Snow

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OAS Community,

As we approach the end of the year, we at Oregon Adaptive Sports want to take a moment to reflect on the incredible stories that have unfolded throughout the seasons. Your support has played a vital role in making these stories possible, and we are reaching out with gratitude and a special request as we look towards the future.

One such story that stands out is Sloan’s journey with OAS. Sloan, a young adventurer with a love for thrills and the outdoors, has been an integral part of our community for over five years. Born with Muscular Dystrophy, his spirit and determination shine brightly through his experience with our organization.

This winter marks Sloan’s sixth season with OAS, and he has become an avid participant in adaptive skiing. The sit-ski not only allows him to indulge in the thrill of skiing but also sustains his energy, enabling Sloan to enjoy the sport to the fullest extent possible. But OAS is more than just a conduit for outdoor adventures; it’s a source of confidence and community for Sloan. In his mom’s words, “It’s hard to be a kid and be different or limited in what you can and can’t do. Sloan takes pride in being an OAS athlete.” At age 7, one day on the slopes he ran into a classmate who asked if he had been down Dilly Dally Alley, Sloan replied with a yes, added that he had also been up to the Summit of Mt. Bachelor. His classmate’s eyes went wide, “Wow!! That’s so cool!” and Sloan beamed. The transformative experiences Sloan has gained through OAS programs have not only expanded his capabilities but have also brought joy and admiration from his peers.

Beyond the slopes, OAS has empowered Sloan to explore new horizons and embrace challenges he might not have imagined possible. His journey extends beyond skiing to adaptive biking events, with aspirations to attend an adaptive surfing event next summer. Sloan’s two moms, avid snowboarders themselves, express their gratitude for the inclusive environment that OAS provides.

Perhaps one of the most heartwarming aspects of Sloan’s journey is the unity it has brought to his family.


OAS has enabled them to participate in winter sports together, creating memories they once thought were beyond reach.This sense of inclusion has extended to friends and family, to the point of the creation of the “Breakfast Club” team during OAS’ annual Ski for All event, a vibrant example of the joy and camaraderie that OAS fosters. “OAS has brought confidence and community to Sloan,” says Sloan’s mom Kate, “we are so fortunate to have OAS where we live so Sloan is able to participate in sports with his family.“

As we reflect on this heartwarming journey, we invite you to be a part of the magic that OAS creates. 2023 was the most impactful year on record for OAS with over 500 athletes served and over 2,000 experiences provided. Your continued support will not only sustain our current programs but also pave the way for more transformative experiences for individuals like Sloan.

As the year comes to a close, please consider supporting OAS. Your generosity is the key to unlocking more stories of transformation in lives like Sloan’s.

Wishing you a joyful holiday season and a wonderful New Year!

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