Ruffwear Website Features Adaptive Athlete, Anna Soens

Ruffwear website showing a hand-cyclist and their dog

The performance dog gear brand, Ruffwear, has featured a story about Anna Soens and her four-legged friend, Bernie, right on the homepage of their website! Ruffwear is an outdoor-oriented outfitter that strives to provide gear for companions and working dogs alike. A photo under the main navigation bar of Ruffwear’s website features Anna on a handcycle, with Bernie right by her side. Anna became an adaptive athlete after a climbing accident in 2015 left her paralyzed from the waist-down. She had always loved the outdoors, and with the help of OAS, was able to continue her adventurous lifestyle despite her injuries. OAS is proud to be a part of Anna’s story and we are happy to see her out on the trails, enjoying life to its fullest potential.

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