rider with a disability on a forward facing off road handcycleyouth mountain biking on a trailadult riding an off road handcyclerecumbent leg powered off road tricycle

OAS offers adaptive mountain biking and off-road cycling experiences for individuals with a wide range of abilities. Off road cycling is a great way for individuals with a variety of disabilities to travel deep into nature to experience the great benefits of the outdoors in a challenging and active environment. OAS has certified mountain instructors on staff and provides training for all staff and interested volunteers in mountain biking and adaptive mountain biking techniques.

If you have never mountain biked before, we recommend first arranging a sport assessment (always free of charge) to meet with OAS staff at our office to ensure we have the right equipment for you and can set it up appropriately.

Mountain bike lessons range from exploring Sawyer Park and the Deschutes River Trail right in the backyard of the OAS office, to the speed and flow of iconic Bend mountain bike trails. Our mountain bike equipment can accommodate a variety of stand-up and sit-down participants.

Athlete Registration

Rates and Fees

Mountain biking lessons are available both in-town (in or near Bend city limits) and out of town (more than 15 minutes outside of Bend city limits). List rates are based on desired location and duration of your lesson.

All pricing includes all equipment and accessible transportation to and from the OAS office if desired. Scholarships are available for individuals who demonstrate financial need and complete our scholarship process.

In-Town Private Session:
$45 – Half day; 9:30am-Noon or 1:30pm-4:00pm
$70 – Full day; 9:30am-4:00pm

Out-of-Town Private Session:
$85 – Full day only (due to transportation time); 9:30am-4:00pm

If transportation is arranged, you will meet at the OAS office 30 minutes prior to the times listed here. All pricing is valid for one participant and one family member, friend, or caregiver.

Adaptive Equipment

Adaptive sports are a unique experience for each individual. The following information is intended to give you a broad understanding of the adaptive disciplines we instruct and some of the equipment that is used in each of them. There are many adaptations and variations within each discipline.

Adaptive Mountain Biking Equipment

two mountain bikers riding on trails

Mountain Bike

Athletes with strong balance and mobility can use a standard upright two-wheeled mountain bike on an OAS program. Mountain bikes typically have a sturdy frame, deep-treaded tires and suspension for riding on off-road terrain.

off road hand cyclist on trail

Off-Road Handcycle

Handcycles work well for those athletes with limited leg strength or mobility. The pedals usually operated by the legs/feet are designed so that they be operated by the hands/arms instead. These bikes are usually configured in a recumbent or prone/kneeling position. 

OAS Fleet Includes:
Reactive Adaptations Nuke w/ E-Assist
Reactive Adaptations Bomber
Lasher All Terrain Handcycle
Lasher All Terrain Handcycle – Full Suspension w/ E-Assist
Kids – Reactive Adaptations Wildcat


woman on recumbent trike riding outdoors

Recumbent Trike

For those who have strength or balance challenges, these three wheeled bikes offer a more stable platform to enjoy cycling than an upright two-wheeled bike. These bicycles are foot powered, easier on the back and can be adapted to fit a wide range of abilities. OAS has mostly on road variations as well as one off road fat trike, youth models and one with e-assist.

OAS Fleet Includes:
Cat Trike Expedition
Terra Trike Rover with E-Assist
Sun Trike
Ice Full Fat Trike

youth on recumbent tricycle

Youth Bikes

Youth benefit from the joys of riding a bike too! OAS has equipment to accommodate the needs of a range of younger individuals or they can work on using their own bike with the help of adapted instruction.

OAS Fleet Includes:
Mobo Recumbent Trike
Wahoo Recumbent Trailer Bike
Haro Kids Bike w/ Assist Bar
Giant Half Wheeler Trailer Bike
Quickie Youth Handcycle
Wildcat Kids Off Road Handcycle