Strengthen Your Inner Landscape: Implicit Bias

As we strengthen our inner landscape and build a solid foundation for self-care the ability arises to expand knowledge and question beliefs. Every day our brain is computing millions of stimuli that is sorted for daily function. These stimuli are sorted into different categories outside of our conscious awareness, or schemas, to efficiently analyze what to do with those stimuli. This analysis assists in operating within the world and creates biases. 

These biases affect how we interact with people. It expands to every realm where we meet someone. Oregon Adaptive Sports’ vision for for a fully inclusive outdoor recreation community which means removing barriers of access to all. One of these barriers that each of us can work on is understanding our Implicit Bias. Join me in fulfilling OAS’ vision for a fully inclusive community! 

Expand Your Knowledge | Implicit Bias – A 7 video Series

(each under 5 minutes)


Video Description: 

Seven-part series on implicit bias from BruinX, the R&D unit within UCLA’s Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.  The first video describes how biases and heuristics can influence our decision-making and behavior without us even knowing it. Continue through the playlist to learn about Schemas, Attitudes and Stereotypes, Real World Consequences, Explicit v. Implicit Bias, The IAT, and Countermeasures. 

Tips for Success

  • Combine your practice of self-care (breath work, meditation and movement) to dive into your inner thoughts of bias. 
  • Share with your family and friends
  • What are your explicit and implicit biases?


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