10 reasons to participate this summer with OAS!

by David Nichols, May 24th, 2022

Hello, my name is Dave Nichols.

Dave kayaking on Hosmer Lake

Dave kayaking on Hosmer Lake, September 2021

Four years ago, I suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) while rock climbing near Leavenworth, Washington. As a result of my fall, I struggle greatly with my balance, mobility, and coordination. In spite of these challenges, Oregon Adaptive Sports (OAS) has allowed me to continue doing what I love – adventuring outdoors. OAS offers a wide variety of outings.  To highlight a few of my favorites, I have been mountain biking in Bend, skiing on Mt Bachelor, and rock climbing at the Nike campus.

These are some of the reasons I am a past, present and future participant with OAS:

  1. They are truly awesome – enough said. Go directly to the OAS website and check them out!
  2. I’m confident I will be safe. OAS is able to make different modifications depending on my needs to ensure I can maneuver past obstacles.
  3. I’m flooded with great memories when I am out in nature in familiar places. Whether it’s riding along the Deschutes River, kayaking Hosmer Lake, or carving up the slopes of Bachelor, just being outside is guaranteed to make my day better.
  4. OAS has introduced me to lots of other inspiring athletes. I am still in regular communication with many of them. It is very encouraging for me to get connected and to expand my network of other awesome individuals.
  5. I feel like I’m thriving! It puts a smile on my face that I can still do, and adapt, many of the same activities people thought I’d never do again. It also builds confidence because I keep seeing my improvements.
  6. I get to be around a diverse group of people. OAS serves folks of all ages and different disabilities which allows me to learn new perspectives.
  7. The OAS organization is full of great staff and volunteers. All members of OAS share a common thread – they love the outdoors and are ambassadors for people with ALL ability levels.
  8. My parents are comfortable with me doing things with OAS. Not only do I feel safe, my parents know that when I am on an OAS trip, I am in good hands!
  9. I can try out cutting edge adaptive equipment. While mountain biking, OAS was able to redesign the brake system on my mountain bike. This worked so well, I now have a similar set up for my own bike at home.
  10. Through scholarships, OAS is accessible to all. Activities are very affordable. In my experience, they are priceless!

The new OAS Summer Schedule is out now!!  CLICK HERE to CHECK IT OUT and see if any activities are right for you. Keep getting better and make sure to get out to enjoy this summer in Central Oregon with OAS, it’s going to be great!

Three adaptive bikers including dave

Dave riding an adaptive mountain trike with two other adaptive cyclists during a camp with alumni from Craig Hospital.