Countdown to Winter – Summer Equipment Storage

by Matt Porter
OAS Staff

Hello OAS community!

As we transition somewhat abruptly into winter, here are some thoughts on what to do to store your summer gear for next season.

Note: This is not an all inclusive list of gear care steps, you are taking the responsibility to do your own research on proper gear care/maintenance. 


  • Wash & dry thoroughly 
  • Lube chain and cables as necessary
  • Function check shifters, brakes, e-assist systems, steering systems and stabilizers, and suspension
  • Check condition of tires/tubes/tubeless sealant/valves/chain/brake pads
  • Lithium e-assist batteries should be charged to 40-50% for storage
  • Schedule an appointment at your favorite local bike shop or perform your own necessary repairs so you can skip the wait in the spring and are ready to roll! 

Boats (kayaks, canoes, inflatables):

group of folks in kayaks on sparks lake grouped together holding onto each other's boats and smiling for photo

  • Ensure boats are clean & dry
  • Check valves, seams, etc for leaks 
  • Look for wear or damage to the hull, seating system, and the footrests
  • Does the pump for your inflatable need maintenance or cleaning & lubrication? 
  • Store inflatables inflated (if applicable and possible)
  • Check your PFD, bilge pump, paddle, and other gear for wear and damage 

Rock Climbing

female athlete climbs up out of her wheelchair onto the wall of the rock gym while being belayed by female climber

  • Wash and dry your rope, climbing harness, and helmet with the appropriate detergents as needed
  • Inspect your rope, climbing harness, anchor materials, carabiners, etc. for wear and damage
  • Check the condition of other gear such as climbing shoes, crash pads, helmet, and other soft goods
  • If you use climbing shoes and the soles are worn, get them resoled now, so you can avoid backlogs in the spring!
  • Store gear in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight 

Next month will include a guide on how to get winter gear ready to rip!

If you would like to submit your favorite winter gear prep tips and rituals, especially for adaptive equipment, please send them to the OAS info@ email before Dec 1st.