We ain’t done yet!

Written by Dave Nichols

I can’t believe it. Labor Day has already come and gone, so too have the summer programs offered by Oregon Adaptive Sports. College football is here! And Head football coach of the Oregon State Beavers Jonathan Smith says “we ain’t done yet”. Neither is OAS!

This month OAS is assisting with 3 multi day camps/events/adventures. All depend on a village of volunteers who provide the support to make sure that the trips will be wonderful experience.

The first event sounds very cool. OAS makes it possible for a few disabled athletes to be a part of this year’s Cycle Oregon, a cycling trip showcasing parts of the state. The riding is kind of intense with many miles.  To assist some of their athletes, OAS will be riding with them on tandem bikes and supporting others on handcycles and recumbents. If you have the endurance to ride repeated days of 60ish miles per day, this could be a good trip for you. It’s too late to register this year, but talk to OAS if you would like to participate in the future. Click here to learn more!

cyclist in a recumbent bike

OAS athlete Michael at Cycle Oregon in 2021

The next event is put on by an organization called Save The Brave. Their goal is to have a week of R&R for some of our country’s warriors who served in the armed forces. These people are heroes, no doubt about it. Mid-September STB will meet up with OAS for a couple days of mountain biking. Click here to learn more: https://savethebrave.org/pages/r-r-for-the-brave

OAS coaching a woman learning to mountain bike

OAS coaching veterans during a program with the Wounded Warrior Project, 2022

At the end of the month OAS will partner with Craig Hospital from Colorado for a week of mountain biking. I am an alumni of Craig Hospital (recovering from a severe TBI) and I have had the privilege of attending the previous two trips they have done with OAS. I expect this trip will be outstanding, because it was in the past. Click here to learn more about how you might volunteer: https://craighospital.org/events/discover-adaptive-cycling-craig-hospital-adventure-program-9-26-10-1

Three adaptive bikers including dave

Dave riding an adaptive mountain trike with two other adaptive cyclists from Craig Hospital in 2021.

The volunteers with OAS make these trips epic for the participants, a huge thank you to all of them that make it possible!