Mindfulness Monday: Chair Yoga

Strengthen Your Inner Landscape with Chair Yoga.

With outdoor access starting to open up and each of us responsibly emerging from this sedentary time, stretch out your body as if you are a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. Reference Carl Dawson’s Chair Yoga Image for suggested ways to release tension in the body. Yoga includes controlled breathing, meditation, and body postures. Chair yoga is a great outlet for all abilities to access poses in different ways than on the floor upright. Thanks for joining me on this yoga bus!  I have several “bus stops” listed, pick the stop that fits you best:

carl dawsons chair yoga sequence

Stop 1

Do poses with assistance. Be sure whoever is helping you knows how your body moves. Do no push yourself. Do the pose to the best of your ability and what you feel comfortable with.

Stop 2

Do the poses to the best of your ability. Be in the moment and listen to what your body is telling you whether that is to stay longer or not go as deep. 

Stop 3 

Coordinate your breath with the movement. Lengthen your spine as you inhale, go into the pose deeper as you exhale. 

All Stops

Always use your own muscles to deepen the stretch. Do no torque or put external pressure (like from another body part) to exaggerate the stretch. Enter slowly, allowing your body to relax into the pose. Poses should feel good, come out of pose if you feel any pain.


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