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Mind Body Solutions is a 501(c)(3) organization based in the Twin Cities area. Check out MBS founder, Matthew Sanford, in a conversation on the importance of staying in the body to live with uncertainty in difficult times (whether that is a pandemic, police violence, racist systems that harm Black people or other hardships you have in your life) and a recording of an adaptive yoga class. As Matthew states in Living with Uncertainty, “We are in a situation where we need to feel and allow, that there are things we don’t control and are uncertain of and still stay grounded.” 

Matthew teaches at national yoga conferences, studios, and institutions around the country. He teaches traditional students and is a pioneer in adapting yoga for people living with disabilities. The fact that he teaches people in both demographics tells you something not only about Matthew, but also about yoga. “We all live on a continuum of abilities and disabilities,” he says. “The principles of yoga apply to all people, to all bodies.”

“Your body is the best home that your mind will ever have.” -Matthew Sanford

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Learn more about an aspect of Matthew’s journey through Waking: A Memoir of Trauma and Transcendence. 

Living with Uncertainty – In the Matrix

Video Description: From The Hub – Mind Body Solutions, Matthew discusses living with uncertainty and what you can do to remain balanced in difficult times.

Adaptive Yoga Full Class 9/19 – Led By Matthew

Video Description: Filmed in September 2019 from The Hub – Mind Body Solutions

Matthew Sanford leads an adaptive class that explores elements of vinyasa and expansion through the limbs from the spine. Letting the spine lead, seated postures and spinal awareness.


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